Party noise makers

To manage chronic otitis media with effusion and adenoid hypertrophy within the P.E.A.N.U.T method we use party noise makers for pneumatization exercises.  

I. Pneumatization exercises facilitate the pneumatization in the middle ear region.

They should be practiced in this order:

I. a)    Passive techniques without pressure

I. b)    Low-pressure exercises (0–circa 50 mm Hg)

I. c)    Middle-pressure exercises (circa 50–100 mm Hg)

I. d)    High-pressure autoinsufflation exercises (circa 100–150 mm Hg)

Low and middle pressure exercises

Low-pressure exercises include snuffing out a candle, rolling along a ping-pong ball, letting a feather fly with 1 opened and 1 pinched nostril. Middle-pressure exercises include blowing of party noise makers with well-cleaned noses.

Pneumatization exercises: Click here

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